Website Community Education Group

Founded and led since 1992 by Executive Director A. Toni Young, CEG’s mission was to address the health, socio-economic, environmental, and systemic challenges facing the Black community by creating and enhancing community and peer-based outreach and service programs.

General Management And Administration:
• Communicate organizational goals and operational plans to all levels of the organization.
• Work with the Executive Director on strategic planning, coordination, and financial
management of the organization’s programs and projects.
• Work with senior management on financial and administrative operations matters.
• Oversee contract negotiations and maintain accurate records.
• Initiate and oversee risk management for all programmatic activity and legal policies,
including procedures and activities, letters of agreement, contracts, etc. to ensure
• Supervise staff that manage/coordinate IT, operations, grants administration and events.
• Manage the organization in the absence of the Executive Director

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